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The Ames Soccer Club is pround to partner with Top Student- Athlete Recruiting. While our staff is committed to help you as you look to navigate the everchanging landscape that is college admissions and recruitment, sometimes we need additional resources/advice. If you have any questions or are ready to start the process, please email Damien Corrieri.


About Top Student-Athlete Recruiting

We help prospects find the “right fit” college that provides them with the best education and experience possible. Our goal is to help each student-athlete find an opportunity that is the best experience of their life, provide them with everything they want in a college and more and to propel them on the career and life path they desire.

We do this by taking an honest and personal approach that few recruiting companies do. We understand that so many factors go into picking a college to attend and adding a desire to play college athletics can complicate things even more. We want to help you find the educational opportunity, where you will make the impact you desire on and off field, you get the best education possible at a cost
that is also the “right fit” for you and your family.

The “right fit” is different for every student-athlete and family and understanding this is key. With 24 years of experience coaching and recruiting at the college level we have seen it all when it comes to college recruiting and are able to rely on this experience to help navigate the intricacies of the recruiting process and to understand the realities.

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Below is the recording from the free webniar, Dan Rothert put on for our families in Jan 2021. Its full of valuable information for those looking to play in college.

Top Student-Athlete Webinar

Top Video