Referee Program

We understand that the current process of becoming a soccer official can be quite daunting, especially related to time and cost.  We have seen numerous experiences where officials undertake the course, complete the necessary paperwork, purchase the uniform and equipment, and then after just one or two games decide, maybe refereeing is not for them and stop!

The Ames Soccer Club developed the Referee in Training Program to serve as a transition for children between the ages of 13 and 15 who may be interested in officiating before committing to gaining full certification and purchasing an official uniform.  We wanted to establish a program that provides valuable on-the-field learning as well as running a mentor program that helps continue the learning process during actual games.

The program will address some of these concerns and barriers by:

  • Reducing the amount of classroom time (approx. 2 hours) 

  • Teaching through experiential learning (on the field approx. 2 hours)

  • Focusing on the laws of the game that are more applicable for the younger age groups

  • Teaching the officiating basics including positioning and mechanics 

  • Providing a mentor that can help the new referees during their initial games

  • Giving (free of charge) the referees an “official” uniform along with a whistle 


After going through and successfully passing the program, the new referees will be assigned to U7 – U10 games.  Pay will be $10 for U7 – U8 and $15 for U9 – U10 games.  Games will take place on Saturday mornings (August 28 – October 23) at Hunziker Youth Sports Complex.


I am REALLY interested How do I Sign Up or Ask More Questions?

Email the program director, Gary Eyles, at