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Referee Certification General info

Interested in getting certified to referee? The club supports referee development, just as it does players and coaches. A class is almost always held before each season somewhere in the Ames/Story County. Visit the Iowa Referees web site ( and click on the "Calendar" link to look for Entry Level Clinics at a convenient time and place. (You must sign up in advance.) The class is usually a Friday evening and all day Saturday. You must be at least 12 years of age to become a referee. The club will subsidize 50% of the class course to its players and parents.

Club Referee information

All 9U/10U and older games will be officiated by a certified referee. All 6U games should be officiated by a parent referee. Most 8U games will have a certified referee, but teams should be prepared to provide a parent ref if necessary. Every team should have at least one referee (a parent, brother/sister, etc.). The younger teams will need them for their games, and the older teams will need them to enter tournaments.

All referee assignments are being made through Adam Ibrahim. If you want to be a referee for the club or need a referee for a make-up game please contact him by email or phone.

All 7U – 10U games need to be rescheduled through Adam. Please do not reschedule games for Tuesday or Thursday evenings. Please give Adam at least 10 days notice.

5U-6U games may be rescheduled at the coaches' convenience since the club does not provide referees and there should not be an instance in which all the fields are full. Please do not reschedule games for Tuesday or Thursday evenings. 

I’ve taken and completed a referee class.  What do I do now?

Please contact the referee assignor Adam Ibrahim (contact info above) who assigns games in the Story County area.  All assignments are done using a web-based system called Arbiter Sports and he needs to get you added to the referee database. When contacting Adam, please give him

  • First and last name
  • Mailing address
  • Contact phone (personal cell best, but indicate if it is home, cell or work)
  • An email address that you use regularly.
  • Each referee must have a unique email, even if you are members of the same family.

You will receive a “welcome” e-mail at the e-mail address you requested to be used. This e-mail address will contain the website address for Arbiter Sports, a username, and a temporary. You will need to log in using the instructions in the welcome e-mail, verify that your contact information is correct, and click the box next to “ready to be assigned.”

I’m a certified referee new to the Ames area.  How do I get on your list to ref games?

  • If you are a referee certified in Iowa then you just need to send Eric Wood an e-mail with your name, and he will verify your registration status with the Iowa Referee Committee (IRC).
  • If you are a referee certified in a state other than Iowa, you will need to verify your certification for the current year. You will need to either scan a copy of your current USSF card showing your current grade and year, or you will need to have your SRA or SYRA send a letter/email to Eric Wood.
  • If you already have an existing Arbiter account with another assignor then you will need to provide the e-mail address you use on your other Arbiter account.
  • If you do NOT have an Arbiter account then following the instructions under “I’ve taken and completed a referee class. What do I do now?”

I’m not getting any games or I would like more games.  Is there an issue?

Possibly.  The first three things to check are:

Did you ever log into your Arbiter account? If a referee has not signed-in and accepted the Arbiter, then you were unable to be assigned. Sometimes the welcome e-mail goes into your junk/bulk folder. Eric can resend the welcome e-mail if needed. Contact him if you cannot find it.

Log onto your Arbiter account.  There is a box next to “ready to be assigned.”  This needs to be checked.  If this is unchecked that means you are not “ready.” The only time you want this unchecked is if there is a reason you cannot temporarily referee such as if you have an injury, are on military leave, etc.

Is your mailing address correct? If your mailing address is not entered or entered wrong then this can create an issue and possibly make you unavailable.

If everything looks good please contact Adam, who admits that he is actually human, too.  If you feel that you are forgotten about...then quite honestly you might have been. Please don’t wait until the season is over to let him know you are not getting games if you want them. Every attempt will be made to provide all referees reasonable numbers of games.

Adam also assigns for several other clubs. If you are traveling to another town to play, or if you are traveling to your brother/sister's game, contact him, and he may be able to get you a job for those away games.

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Other Information

See the Rules page for special youth league rules.